Ricardo Angel González Menéndez


Fecha de nacimiento: 



Head of Addiction Department


  • Psychiatric Hospital of Havana




(+53)7646 8331
(+53)7745 3828
Head of the Addictions Department of the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana. MD, Second Degree Specialist in Psychiatry, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Senior Professor and Consultant. Member of the National Science Degrees in clinical specialties. President of the Cuban Society of Psychiatry. Honorary Member of several psychiatric associations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Consultant Professor at the Hospital “Victor Larco Herrera "in Peru. Honorary Professor at the Autonomous University of Dominican Republic. Visiting Professor at the University "Caetano Heredia” in Peru. Honorary Professor of the Institute of Spanish Language Psychiatrists (IPLE). Member of the Editorial Staff of the journal "Adicciones" from Spain. Member of the National Group of Psychiatry. Member of the National Commission on Mental Health. Member of the National Commission for the prevention and drug abuse. He is Chairman of the National Medical Ethics Committee.