Award of the Sciences Academy of Cuba (Award of ACC)
This reward it awards from 1990. It is purpose of the top-notch football of sciences of Cuba, in fulfillment of the attributions and functions that awards you the -Ley No. 163 decree of 3th April 1996 , it recognizes with these premiums the results of the investigations highlighted in the country, by stimulating with it the scientific creation, the visibility of the Cuban science as part of the national and universal patrimony, as well as your contribution to the socioeconómico development of the country. The obtained results in the work of investigation and developments that they appears to this summons can correspond to whoever of the chases of the sciences ( agrarian, |biomédicas|, natural and exact, social and humanistic, technical and |ingenieriles| ) or in whoever of the fields inter- or |transdisciplinarios|. Each rewarded result will receive a certificate that accredits it. It is guaranteed with an endorsement individually to all corresponding authors. The institutes will be able to proceed to the sending of all results they consider with merits to choose for the premiums, depending on to bases
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