National Awards of the Academy of Sciences 2016

4 July 2016

The consequent Cuban Scientific Community with the principles promoted by the revolution in the scientific, political and moral fields, works of dedicated way to obtain and demonstrated introduction of results that raise the prestige of Cuban science and contribute objectively to meet the greater rigor and quality, the guidelines laid down by the guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of  the Party and the Revolution adopted at the congress of the Communist Party of Cuba for the improvement of our economic model as a way for the country's development and welfare of the society.
Loyal to these principles the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, in compliance with the powers and functions conferred on it by Decree-Law No. 163 of April 3, 1996, it is proposed to recognize through its annual awards, the results of investigations most stand out in the country for its scientific creation, its visibility as part of national and universal heritage, for their contribution to the socioeconomic development of the country and especially for his correspondence and relevance with the priorities demanded by this development in the current historical context .
In turn, these awards are designed to encourage the Cuban science becomes increasingly one of the driving engines of progress in all spheres of our society.

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