Center of investigations for the mining-metallurgical industry

Center reactor in |tecnológicas| investigations related with the mining in Cuba I. Develops and it improves the technologies of the prosecution of minerals by applying for it the nuclear techniques. The industrial |tecnológico| control. develop new technologies as lixiviation of the nickel copper and pray, production of evaluation activated carbon of special charcoals for the industry of |biotecnologías| , |biopreparados| , etcetera. Ready services of analytical chemistry, plant starting technical support and laboratory of industrial control, |asesoria| and it consults in the |minerometalúrgico| field. Specialists, masteries and collaboration courses with the universities
Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz - Balart




Phone number: 

(537) 867 0599



Street 24 between 23 and 25, Havana, Cuba