María Teresa Linares Savio


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Deputy Director


  • "Fernando Ortiz" Fundation


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(+53)7832 4334
Graduate in Literature and Hispanic Language and specialized in Cuban Studies. She has a PhD in Art Sciences and is Full Professor of the Higher Institute of Art. Linares Savio has taught in the “Amadeo Roldán” and Alejandro García Caturla music's Conservatories. She was teacher of the Summer School of the University of Havana, and founder of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore of the Academy of Sciences, where she carried out field researches and courses to students. Her activities in Cuba also include the production of ethnographic disks, her position as Director of the National Museum of Music, teaching and popularization of the Cuban traditional music through courses and conferences in the country and abroad in more than twenty countries of Europe, Africa and America. Linares Savio has also been president of the Musicology Section of the Association of Musicians of the UNEAC, and is member of its Presidency Council. She collaborates with several publications in Cuba and abroad, and for this reason she has an extensive bibliography with emphasis in the Cuban and Latin American cultural roots. She has written “Introducción a Cuba”, “La Música y el pueblo”, “La Música entre Cuba y España”, “El punto cubano”, “Trayecto histórico de la música cubana”, among other books. Linares Savio has been awarded with “Frank País” Order, “Juan Marinello” Order, “Romárico Cordero” Order, Distinction for the National Culture, “Antero Regalado” Distinction, “Alejo Carpentier” Medal, the National Award for research in culture, the “Fernando Ortíz” International Award, among others. She is Merit Researcher and Merit Member of the Union of Writers and Artists from Cuba (UNEAC).