Francisco Juan Diéguez Pineda


Birth Date: 



Head of Department


  • Institute of Swinish Researches


Phone Number: 

(+53)7209 9333
(+53)7204 4108
He is graduated from Agricultural Engineering Livestock in 1969 and Doctor of Veterinary Sciences from 1974 at the University of Havana, the first doctorate awarded in Cuba in their field. Animal Genetics specialist. Instructor Graduated from the University of Havana, in 1969, between 1969 and 1974, researcher at the Institute of Animal Science and since 1974 works at the Institute of Invrestigaciones Swine, is Researcher, l982, Associate Professor, Academician from 1985 to 1998. He has conducted various studies and trainings. Pig Breeding and Genetic Improvement, RDA ,. Breeding, Statistical Information Management, Canada, International School of Agriculture Cuba-USA, International 1996.Taller on Statistical Information Processing, University of North Carolina USA-Cuba 1998. He was advisor to the Regional Union of Pig Farmers of Jalisco 1997 and Super Pigs Company of the West, Mexico 1998 collaboration agreement LWF Decade Valley in Haiti. He was Vice President of the Cuban Association of Animal Production and current President of the Cuban Society of Pork. Swine Genetics Advisory National Company and Group Leader Swine Genetics Ministry of Agriculture.