Zhores Ivanovich Alferov


Birth Date: 



Head of Physical-Technical Institute (IOFFE), Russia


  • Physical Technical Institute (IOFFE)
He was born in Vitebsk, Belarus, on March 15, 1930. Director of the Physical – Technical Institute (IOFFE) since 1989. President of the Saint Petersburg subsidiary and Vicepresident of the Academy of Sciences of Russia. He was Nobel prizewinner in Physics in 2000, because of his contributions to the development of semiconductors. He is Member of the Presidium of the Communist Party of Russia and Member of the Russian Parliament. Dean of Physics and Technology Faculty of the Technical University of Saint Petersburg. He has been bestowed with several awards and had keeped a long time collaboration with cuban institutions. Honorary Professor of the University of Havana since 1987. He is Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba since 2002.