Gerardo Enrique Guillén Nieto

  • Matemáticas


It began by working to the center of genetic engineering and Biotecnología (CIGB) after where graduate it schemes at present. $4 has category of regular investigator it. In 1995 it received the scientific degree of doctor in biological sciences, awarded for the national commission of scientific degrees. It is also regular teacher. In the CIGB it began working in a project of vaccine against the Meningococcis and from 1997 is leading in the CIGB in a project of vaccine against the marvel of Peru. Went also leading being planned of vaccinate conjugate. From 1993 has being by coordinating the Panhepatitis 1993 project. Also it has been coordinating of a project of vaccine against the Pneumococo from the 2002. Between 1993 and 2001 it went chief of the division of vaccines of the CIGB and from 1998 is director of Investigaciones Biomédicas in this center. Your specific work as investigator has being directly related with the project that directs and also with projects as those of vaccinate conjugate, it vaccinate nasals and it vaccinate therapeuticses for the B hepatitis and the HPV, as well as the project of formation of |cicatricial| tissue. It has taken part in more than 60 scientific happenings in those who has presented more than 100 |posters| or confer. Also is coauthor of 33 scientific publications in coat internationals and of 15 patent, someone of those which has been registered in Europe and the United Stated