New version of genetic classification of the earthes of Cuba


  • Ciencias Agrarias y de la Pesca

Main Authors: 

Alberto Hernández Jiménez


In any way whatever acquaintance in Cuba after the triumph of the revolution a classification is developed of laid the foundations of earthes in the genesis of the same ( factors and processes of formation ), she who was implanted at national level in 1975. Notwithstanding the contributions it drinks a toast this classification, in the current moments several of your postulates and principles have remained obsolete by the light of the new concepts that have developed in the international pedology.After 3 years of work presents to him this new version in the who establish horizons and characteristic of diagnosises with regard to the factors and processes of formation of the earthes.In the same appears the hoped perfecting to the system of genetic classification of the Cuban effective earthes at present, by reflecting the development that the pedology possesses in the country, and your capacitance to assimilate the worldwide tendencies of this chase of the science of the earth. In the classification keep the taxonomic units superiors, by separating 14 gatherings, 32 genetic types and 166 subtiposes of earthes, for which results more detailed than the previous versions. This new version presents 6 |capitulos|, in which it is defined the horizons and characteristics of diagnose ( 14 main horizons, 14 normal horizons and 16 characteristics of |diagnosticos| ), moreover the units of classification and your foundations, the square of the classification of the earthes and the rules of the classification.Evidently the work contributes significantly to give you major degree of objectivity to the local taxonomy of earthes, maybe the fundamental insufficiency that falls sick the preceding works