Call to sign open letter to President Biden about the Covid epidemic in Cuba

Dear colleague:
The delta variant has provoked a large increase in cases of Covid-19 in Cuba, a country which suffers from a 60 year-old  embargo (or blockade)
imposed by the US government. The Trump administration slapped 243 additional sanctions on the country. Although many countries are having upsurges
in Covid-19  cases recently, only Cuba has to face the severe consequences of this US policy, which makes acquisition of medicines, protection equipment, food and
other necessities difficult. Despite this, Cuba has developed two vaccines (with three others in the pipeline) that will help control of the epidemic if all allowed to be rolled out without obstacles. US law explicitly prohibits exports to Cuba if they will be used to make biotechnological products (such as vaccines). These laws also discourage exports from other countries.
Cuban Scientists and doctors are signing an open letter in response to statements from president Biden in which he incorrectly disqualifies the Cuban health public system and says that administration of vaccines by an international organization is necessary to reach the common citizen. This ignores the excellent track record of Cuba in vaccinations, probably one of the best in the world and has rankled the Cuban health workers daily risking their lives to combat Covid-19. If President Biden really wants to help Cuba, he could eliminate the sanctions and embargo.
To all conscientious  persons  including scientists, doctors, health workers, academics as well as any honest woman or man from Cuba and the world, we call on you to support the concepts and principles expressed in this letter. Please go to  the link to sign up.
Your participation will be appreciated.